Anonymous: how old are you? 

i will be 16 in 6 hours

"I don’t want a lukewarm love. I want it to burn my lips and engulf my soul."
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Anonymous: When did you lose your virginity ? 

#never #lost # it #cause #no #one #can #ride #this #dick

Anonymous: I wish I was your gf :( ugh baby I'd treat you so good. 


Anonymous: gawd the things i would love for you to do to pussy :( or should i say how i would love to ride you into the greatest orgasm (; 

this is how white girls flirt guys take note

rapidflow: Do you shop from tumblr and where did you get that dope hoodie -karmaloop -urban outfitters -booger kids 

None of those

Anonymous: do u have snapchat 


luxuryunknown: Btw ur selfie game is on point 

Thanks boo

Anonymous: What's your name? 

Toussaint Lao - Turnier

thuylinhxo: Damnnnn, it's been a while 

? Idk you