Anonymous: so stfu about women not sucking dick. 

why am i getting hate mail for this

Anonymous: So you expect females to suck you but won't do it back ? Wow 

i love eating pussy dummy, i said i dont like it if i dont like the person

Anonymous: opinion on eating a female out 

i in general dont like doing it unless i like you or im under the influence

Anonymous: Why did u hate English so much ? 

english was ok

Anonymous: Opinion on eating ass? 

something i myself would never do but hey if you do that than do you kid

Anonymous: Since ur not returning to ramapo , is there anything/anyone ur gonna miss about that school? 

not rly

Anonymous: Why did u break up with katie ? 

she broke up with me cause we were just fallin off hard

Anonymous: Where was that fitting room at? 

uni qlo

Anonymous: Okay you need to calm the fuck down and stop being a straight up asshole and STOP being so cocky. you may be attractive but your personality really doesn't match the way you look... Your not all that hunny so chill out. There's WAY better guys out there that actually have a nice personality so stop thinking you're the shit and that you run things because you don't and you seriously need a fucking reality check. Looks dont mean shit if your personality is straight up ASS (: 

did u get satisfaction out of typing that looool

Anonymous: I could be the right girl, Tell me if you like your lady in my-my color, Can i be your type? I could set you right, whoa How are you tonight, sir? I’m living my life, oooh Hope ya feel alright, yeah. 

is this a song

Anonymous: Azealia banks, iggy azalea, Lady gaga? 

kill gaga marry iggy fuck azelia